Here you find some examples of use

The handling of the software is based on the current Windows 9x / NT / 2000 / XP applications, thus making it easier to get used to the work as well as facilitating the handling also for occasional users.

Before beginning the site survey the system must be placed on the tripod and levelled out. A proficient user will not need more than two minutes to do this.

The points of the recorded spatial contours will be taken by "laser-click on the wall". To do that you can use the laser pointer like a computer mouse. You take a bearing on the points to be recorded, insert them directly into the CAD software where they will be displayed graphically.

The permanent graphical control assures that no important contours will be left out. The individual measures will not be noted on paper several times any more, but are immediately available in the CAD.

A great importance has been attached to self-explanatory terminology. Besides the recording of the geometry it is also possible to attach further information. So you can connect e. g. the photography of a door directly to the measurements of the geometry.

Further processing in other CAD-systems can be realized by dxf-export.

With the Photo-Function it is possible to measure in a picture. After a Photos import you can use a Lens correction to calculate an Orthophoto. In this example you see a photo of a face of a building but it is also possible to calculate a picture of templates, walls in rooms or buildings or other objects:

More Informations are also available here:

Here you find some examples of use